EXPAND Celebrating 1Million Manhours Accident-free Achievement: Our Journey to Achieving Safety Excellence

At Expand Construction Pte Ltd, safety has always been our top priority. We strive to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, contractors, and visitors. We are proud to announce that we have achieved a significant milestone - 1 million Manhours Accident-free achievement.

Our journey towards achieving safety excellence and how we did it.

Our Safety Culture: Our journey to 1 million Manhours Accident-free began with a strong safety culture. We instilled a safety mindset in all our employees, from the top down. We provided extensive safety training, and we encouraged open communication to identify potential safety hazards.

Hazard Identification and Control: We implemented a comprehensive hazard identification and control program. This program helped us identify potential safety hazards before they became accidents. We developed controls to eliminate or minimize these hazards to ensure a safe work environment.

Safety Performance Metrics: We developed safety performance metrics to track our progress and identify areas for improvement. We monitored our performance against these metrics and used them to guide our safety improvement efforts.

At Expand Construction Pte Ltd, we are committed to achieving safety excellence, and we are proud of our achievement 1 million Manhours Accident-free. We believe that a safe workplace is a productive workplace, and we will continue to strive for safety excellence to ensure the well-being of our employees, contractors, and visitors.