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With the Lions Befrienders Singapore (NCSS & Community Chest Approved Social Agency) Since 2019 till now

Programme Engagement

EXPAND has been organising CSR event with LIONS BEFRIENDERS. We will gather our Project Managers, WSHOs, Engineers & HQ Staffs to volunteer & help on this event by engaging with the  aged & elderly folks who has needs to be supported. These elderly or seniors are staying in poor identified rental blocks, where many struggles to stay physically and mentally alert, thus EXPAND will keep them plugged into a social network through our CSR Programmes.

EXPAND will implement programmes aim with the objective of promoting interactive learning & engagement, it can be segmented into four main categories – (a)Environmental, Health & Safety Awareness & object creating session, (b) Fun-filled Games, (c)Sing-a-long Sessions &  (d) Makan Fellowship with the seniors.

Sponsorship or Donation

A Sponsorship or Donation is also purposefully given from EXPAND. We believe corporate sponsorship or donation can help make many of “LIONS BEFRIENDER’S” core programmes and physical upgrading projects becomes a reality for the aged & community who are in need . By sponsorship & donation , EXPAND hopes to help the non-organisation to take care of the elderly folk’s changing needs.

All of us will age, but no one has to age alone in their golden age. Give your gifts of friendship & time to the isolated seniors. Make a difference by making your time purposeful & join us in these CSR Programme, strongly supported by our Chairman/MD/Founder & Management of EXPAND.

Expand Overseas Trip!

Expand is also facilitating various activities that makes their people believe that they have something bigger to motivate and inspire. We believe that considering our people makes us understand and share in the vision of our organization and make them feel loved and valued not only as employees, but also as family members because we believe that "When people are loved, they will give more than you can imagine they could for you and your cause."